January 9, 2020

You can have a new beginning!

"For you have a shelter and a refuge for me, a StrongTower against the adversary." Psalm: 61:3

Do you feel like you have come to the end of your rope?

Has your mind lost its capacity to dream?

Are you weighed down by thoughts so sad that you are beginning to feel their impact in terms of sleeplessness, loss of appetite, body aches and other related physical symptoms?

Are your children out of control and your family at a breaking point as a result?

Do Not Give Up!


We understand that the spirit, mind and body work in concert and what you need is more than a pill. We know that healthy families are the building blocks of a strong nation. We will address your psychological challenges in a holistic manner to facilitate your recovery. We have the Psychopharmacological expertise to address your Neurochemical imbalance.We believe in Evidence Based Medicine and will utilize the latest research findings in your care. We are skilled in the use of Psychotherapy to address the unrest in your mind and facilitate behavioral change. We offer both Christian based and Traditional approaches to care; we will respect your choice in this regard to nurture you and your family to speedy recovery.