Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I schedule and  what is the duration of appointments?

You may schedule an appointment by calling our office at  678-265-8361.  We ask that new patients arrive at least 30 minutes before their appointment in order to complete the necessary paperwork. An initial visit is for 40 minutes while a follow up visit is for 20 minutes.

What are your appointment cancellation policies?

We ask that you provide us a 24 hour advance notice for cancellations as this allows us to offer that time slot to other patients.  Appointments cancelled with a 24 hour notice will NOT be charged and we will make every effort to accommodate you at a later time.  There is a $50 no show fee for all appointments not cancelled within the specified time frame. Please be advised that insurances do not reimburse for missed appointments and  patients will be charged for the fees incurred as a result of a missed session. 

What if  I need medication refills?

We require that all stable patients are seen at the clinic at least once every 3 months , refills are provided during routine visits. All  patients  on controlled substances may need appointments on a more frequent basis. We suggest you make an appointment at least 2 weeks before your refills run out to prevent any discontinuation in your medications. 

What is your methodology?

We utilize current, evidence based pharmacological treatments for themanagement of psychiatric/psychological disorders. Further, we offerpsychotherapy as there is extensive research evidence showing its immenseimportance in facilitating the emotional recovery and stability of Patients.Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is also provided. This is a cutting edgetreatment modality that treats Depression via the use of electromagnetic fields.

Do I need to complete any forms before coming for my first appointment? 

If you are scheduling an appointment for a child with ADHD, please print and complete both the ADHD Parents and the Teacher Questionnaires to bring with you at your first appointment.

Will my therapy session confidential?

StrongTower Behavioral Healthcare  are accountable to follow all guidelines and laws to protect confidentiality. Please see STBH NP Packet for further clarification on your privacy.